Tired of Squirrels Rampaging Through Your Attic?

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Squirrels normally enter attics looking for a safe, comfortable place to start a family. Once that happens the squirrel's babies (which are called juveniles for the first year) will also make your attic their home, bringing food and other materials from outside into the attic to make their nesting areas. Some of the holes squirrels use to enter your attic will soon become an interstate for other wildlife such as rats.

Don't let squirrels, racoons or possums reside in your home. Call Texpest to schedule your wildlife removal. We'll make sure your home in Missouri City & Sugar Land, TX is free of unwanted animals.

Signs you have a wildlife problem

Signs you have a wildlife problem

Catching a squirrel or possum in the act is difficult. These sneaky animals know how to get what they want without causing a scene. This makes wildlife exclusion difficult. However, they do leave behind a few hints of their presence. You can look for:

  • Chewed siding and shingles
  • Destroyed soil and sod
  • Tiny animal droppings
  • Rummaged garbage

Using traps and ethical wildlife exclusion methods, we'll redirect unwanted animals away from your property.

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